So i just plugged in my Apple USB keyboard into my iPad and it works! Lookis like I can blog in more places on the go now. I shall carry around my keyboard wherever i go…. which might be a drag. whatever. I’m really just writing this cuz I wanna test out the keyboard on something.


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first week in Oklahoma

Six days have passed since i arrived here and i have not been able to enjoy the benefits of an internet connection at home. The days are blurring together, Glee is but a distant memory, fingers are cramping from typing into mobile devices. The future seems bleak. No point in carrying on. Please go on without me.


I suspect my 55-year-old mechanic apartment mate has been secretly smoking in his room again. Might need to have a word with him. Set things straight. Tell him how it is. I might also need to have a talk with him concerning this walking-around-without-shirt situation. Unacceptable. Quite disturbing.

I have become a frequent customer at the local Starbucks. On my first day.

I need to commence a period of economic austerity, starting with the cancellation of all foreign aid to scholarship funds, communication infrastructure from past residences, fiscal management agencies, expenses on foreign diplomatic relations via AT&T long distance, and porn (i kid).

This mobile device does not capitalize the word ‘I’ automatically, and i am to lazy to manually capitalize it, so i will live it uncapitalized. Deal with it.

I finally started reading The End of Poverty. I might be wrong, but i think i know how the story ends. The book should provide good insight on the matter of development. Sachs, it seems, is quite the optimistic. I dunno if i could take that much optimism, so i will read Easterly next before reading another optimistic book on saving the world.

Here is a picture from Switzerland. Enjoy.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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